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Veterinary endoscopy services are becoming increasingly popular amongst small animal clinicians.

As a minimally invasive procedure, endoscopy is a reliable option for looking inside hollow organs in order to aid in diagnosing and treating disease. It is also useful for removing foreign bodies and obtaining tissue samples from our patients. It can significantly reduce the risk of long general anaesthetics as well as pain and discomfort from large surgical incisions.

I can perform a variety of endoscopic procedures including oesophagoscopy, gastroduodenoscopy, rigid anterograde rhinoscopy, flexible retrograde rhinoscopy, flexible bronchoscopy, otoendoscopy, cystoscopy, vaginoscopy, and colonoscopy in small animals.

  • Upper (Gastroduodenoscopy) and Lower (Colonoscopy) Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
    This is the endoscopic exploration of the oesophagus, stomach and intestines. This minimally invasive imaging technique is useful for investigating cases of regurgitation, dysphagia, vomiting, haematemesis, melena, anorexia, diarrhoea, weight loss, haematochezia and tenesmus. It most commonly is used for obtaining biopsies and the removal of foreign bodies.
  • Bronchoscopy
    This is the endoscopic technique for examining the lungs and allows for thorough visual examination of the larynx, trachea, mainstem and segmental bronchi. It can help identify structural abnormalities, aid in collection of pathology samples of abnormal airway secretions or tumours and to identify and remove respiratory foreign bodies.
  • Cystoscopy
    Cystoscopy allows the exploration of the urethra and urinary bladder. It is commonly used in small animal patients for those presenting with chronic cystitis, pollakiuria, hematuria, stranguria, incontinence and urolithiasis.
  • Otoendoscopy
    Examination of both the external and middle ear can be achieved using a rigid endoscope. It is one of the most common applications of endoscopy in veterinary practice, especially for chronic ear disease. Otoendoscopy allows for safe and thorough ear cleaning under constant visualization, removal of foreign objects, polyp removal and diagnostic sampling.
  • Rigid and Flexible Rhinoscopy
    This is the exploration of the nose and nasopharynx. It is commonly indicated in cats with nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, chronic sneezing, epistaxis, facial distortion, nasal pain, acute severe sneezing and reverse sneezing.

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