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    • What are the benefits to your Practice?
      • Your owners receive advice from a Feline-Specific Diplomate on the care for their cat whilst remaining within the walls of your Practice.
      • A complete medical investigation is likely to be more cost-effective for pet owners, and advantageous to you as a practice, compared to referring to distant referral centres.
      • I work closely with select veterinary referral centres should more advanced diagnostic procedures and/or intensive care be required.
      • Your staff members can benefit from working alongside a Diplomate consultant which can provide a hands-on CPD experience in approaching/managing complex feline medical cases.
      • Improve your own services by advertising  a direct, in-house access to a Feline-Specific Diplomate and Endoscopy Referral Service on practice literature/website/social media.
      • I can provide consultations with owners when a diagnosis has already been achieved by your team member by consolidating confidence & reassurance in bonding them to prescribed long-term management plans.

      By working together we can provide the best healthcare support for your clients and their pets.

      How To Arrange for a Feline Medicine Consultation or Outpatient Endoscopy Referral from your clinic:

    • Email or e-fax the full current client details, patient details, and entire patient history (including history from any previous practices, if relevant) to: email: or efax: 01273 376 932
    • Please include all laboratory test results (in-house and external), diagnostic imaging reports, histopathology reports, etc.
    • Please ensure the patient undergoes a minimum eight hour pre-examination fasting period (is allowed unrestricted access to water).
    • Once the paperwork has been received, contact will be made with the referring clinic to arrange a referral appointment.
    • NOTE: I also offer 'e-consult' services for veterinary surgeons and their clients.
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Endoscopy Service
Feline VetBronchoscopy in a cat
Feline VetSevere widespread subcutaneous oedema due to glomerulonephritis and protein losing nephropathy
Feline VetAbdominocentesis from cat with pyrexia and ascites. Yellow viscous fluid was positive for FIP
Feline VetExample of 'lung-digit syndrome' with primary lung tumour and secondary metastasis to digits.
Feline VetExample of cat with prognathism and insulin resistant diabetes mellitus due to a pituitary mass secreting excessive growth hormone.
Feline VetRadiograph highlighting bony changes in digits in cat with 'lung-digit syndrome'.
Feline VetExample of ptyalism in cat suffering from hepatic encephalopathy due to portosystemic shunt.
Feline VetAn example of cervical ventroflexion in cat thought to have 'Conn's Disease'.
Feline VetAn example of cervical ventroflexion in cat thought to have 'Conn's Disease'.
Feline VetPhoto of fluid retrieved from brochoscopic guided lung wash
Feline VetCalcium oxalate stones removed from urethra in male cat
Feline VetNumerous bladder stones removed from cat. Diagnosis: Calcium oxalate stones
Feline VetUraemic ulcers in 3 yo cat with acute renal failure.
Feline VetParaneoplastic syndrome in cat with pancreatitc duct adenocarcinoma and secondary liver metastasis.
Feline VetJaundiced cat due to neutrophilic cholangitis
Feline Vet'Shiny cat' syndrome; another unfortunate example of paraneoplastic alopecia in a cat with pancreatic duct adenocarcinoma
Feline VetFeline Cushings disease. This cat had 'floppy' ear tips which can be a feature in this disease.

Feline Vet