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In human healthcare, it's common practice for medical GPs to refer patients to recognised specialists ('consultants') to assist with challenging medical and surgical cases. A similar system exists in the veterinary field. In other words, while many ailments are properly catered for at the veterinary GP level, there are inevitably many situations where a greater level of knowledge and expertise will be required. 

Board Recognised Veterinary Specialists are trained to an advanced level in a particular veterinary field. This allows them to work alongside your usual vet in providing optimal care for your pet.  Feline-specific specialists (RCVS, American, Australian- recognised) exist, but are considered few and far between with less than 120 worldwide! If you would like advice from a feline-specific specialist, then please ask your usual vet to arrange for a referral.  This is common practice and you will not offend your vet by requesting this service.

Feline Diseases

Click here to visit Cat Professional.

Cat Professional is a leading provider of a series of high quality books on caring for cats with a variety of medical conditions. The books are available to download as a PDF or in hard copy format and are designed to be understood by cat owners and veterinary professionals alike.

Vet Expert

Helping owners whose cats have been diagnosed with chronic renal failure (CRF). This site explains renal failure in lay terms and provides valuable information on diagnosis and home management.
Internationally acclaimed, Dr. Diane Addie (from Glasgow University) provides up-to-date insight into FIP. a frustrating disease for both vets and owners.

Fritz the Brave
All about asthma. A potentially debilitating condition if not correctly diagnosed and treated.

How-To Videos
How to trim toenails, take your cat's temperature, and brush your cat's teeth, from Cornell University.
A must see site for owners of diabetic cats. Learn about home monitoring and take the fear out of diabetes. Note that newer insulins such as glargine are not mentioned but may be prescribed for your cat.

Feline Advisory Bureau     
An A-Z of cat diseases

University of Glasgow
Feline diagnostics laboratory

Aerokat video

The video was provided by the client of one of FAB's Practice Members in Germany.  The cat in the video, Kitty, had been suffering badly with asthma and regular therapy was not really helping. However Kitty is now doing very well thanks to the use of the Aerokat inhaler.

 With thanks to FAB and Birgit Leopold-Temmler for providing such informative client and veterinary information 

Fachtierärztliche Praxis
im Zooviertel

Praxis für Tierzahnheilkunde
und Innere Medizin
Dr. Birgit Leopold-Temmler
Fachtierärztin für Kleintiere
ZB Zahnheilkunde, SP Innere Medizin
Gneisenaustr. 10
30175 Hannover

Endoscopy Service
How to guides…
How to give your cat a pill
How to give your cat a pill

How to clean your cat's teeth
How to clean a cat's teeth

Feline Vet