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What is 'eConsult'?

'eConsult' is a telemedicine service for veterinary surgeons and their clients wishing to receive specialist support for challenging feline medical cases. This service can be particularly useful for those clinics/clients located in remote areas, where transport to a referral centre is not possible, or for those who require an affordable alternative to a full in-person referral. Because this service is not considered a formal referral, the patient will remain under the direct care of the primary veterinary surgeon, in accordance with RCVS guidelines.

This service is intended to be quick and an affordable option for veterinary surgeons and their clients. Please refer to 'Limitation of Advice' statement.

Pet Owners: Your vet may inform you about the need for specialist advice in managing a complex medical condition. It's important for you to discuss your options, including potential costs, with your vet. In some instances, the best option may be an in-person referral with a veterinary specialist, particularly those who require intensive care.  Your vet will be the best person to decide whether 'eConsult' will deliver an appropriate level service for your pet's medical condition.

The Benefits

  • Obtain a bespoke advisory report from the comfort of your own clinic

  • Enables vets the opportunity to discuss case details from a feline specific specialist
  • Enables pet owners to obtain a second opinion without leaving the comfort of their own veterinary clinic
  • Cost effective option for pet owners who live in remote areas or unable to afford referral fees at tertiary referral centres 

How does eConsult work?



A telemedicine consultation will require your vet to submit your pet's full clinical history, laboratory results, x-ray images, clinical images, and any information on current/previous response to treatment(s).

How long will it take to receive a report?



Upon receipt of a full clinical history, laboratory results (both internal and external), X-ray/endoscopy images, and PayPal payment, a referral e-consult report will be made available for the veterinary surgeon within 24-48 hours.  In the event of a delay, the veterinary surgeon will be contacted via telephone to discuss the case, answer any queries, and offer investigation/management advice.  This conversation will then be followed by a formal clinical report for your pet's medical file.

** I strive to provide only the highest level of professional care possible, respecting the 'Triangle of Care' between referring vet, client, and referral vet as per RCVS Code of Conduct, AVMA Referral Guidelines, and AAHAReferralGuidelines.pdf.**